Frog Dissection Experiment Follow-Up

Biology class is always fun especially when you learn to dissect animals. As a student, this is one of the most exciting experiments they can experience in their life. As a teacher, this will always be fun to teach the kids and make them understand more of the anatomy of humans and animals. Today, we dissected frogs to further understand how magical the body works.

Most of the students who participated got a little scared with the frogs. I know it’s a little cruel to ‘murder’ them but we will never learn how to dissect properly if we will not do it. Also, it’s quite difficult to find formalin preserved animals here in Cambodia, unlike in the Philippines where we can purchase them from specialized shops who caters for needs like this. I also thought of giving them chloroform as a general anesthetic, but I backed out. Jumping frogs make the experiment more exciting, right?

In summary, my students had a wonderful time doing the dissection. Just look how happy Sovannareth as he cut the frog open 🙂

frog dissection

frog dissection

Please watch the video to learn more of my students work and I hope you will enjoy it.

Should you have any question regarding the experiment, please leave a comment below.


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