Design Your Own Quidditch Field

Quidditch – the game where Harry’s magical skills come to the fore

 Harry Potter’s initiation into the amazing magical world that has been kept from him for eleven years is exciting and dramatic, and we follow him as he discovers magic, extra doorways through solid brick walls, flying on broomsticks… and Quidditch.


Harry first learns about Quidditch from Ron Weasley, when they first meet on the train to Hogwarts. Ron doesn’t do a very good job of explaining the game, and Harry is still a little confused when the strangest thing happens to him after his very first flight on a broomstick – Professor McGonagall, instead of punishing him for flying dangerously, selects him for the Gryffindor Quidditch team, making him the youngest player in a century.

To top it off, a brand new Nimbus 2000 broomstick lands on Harry’s table with the breakfast post, and he becomes the only first-year to be allowed his own broomstick.

Task #1


1. Design a Quidditch field for your wizards and witches to play. It should be at least 1m long, 0.5m wide, and 0.25m high.

2. At each end of the pitch, three goal posts must be placed.

3. Do not forget to make your golden snitch, because without it the game will be meaningless.

4. The materials to be used are for you to decide. You may choose from using wood, cardboard, clay, and others.

Task #2 

Together with your group mates, conduct a research and write a report how Quidditch is played. Here are your guiding questions in writing:

1. How many players are needed to play Quidditch?

2. What are the names of the roles in the game and what are their specific jobs?

2. What are the different balls used in the game and describe them?

3. What other equipment are used in Quidditch?

4. What are the rules set in the game?

5. Name three famous Quidditch players and their role in the game.

Report Requirements

Make a cover page for your report and design it nicely. Typing it up and printing in color is a plus factor. Remember to use the font that is easy to read and make sure that the font size is uniform. Be as creative as you can be.

See your teacher for the rubric. Have fun!